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Sales Performance of Publicly Listed U.S. Companies

Over the past several years, as Asia countries continue to be a major sales market for a number of publicly listed US consumer goods companies, Grapevine has been assisting clients to obtain information about such companies’ sales performance in Asia.

We collect and build up multiple levels of quantified data sets, and then assess the veracities of the financial numbers released by public companies, with the objectives to predict the trends of these listed companies’ business and stock performance.

In such projects we apply investigative and conventional survey methods. Our target interviewees typically comprise of the companies’ former sales staff, logistics operators, and distribution teams, we'd aim to gather information about recent production, distribution, warehousing, sales, payment terms, account receivables, payables, changes among top clients etc. Furthermore, we'd gather production and distribution information from the market and industry peers to better evaluate the target’s business situation.

In early 2017, Grapevine was commissioned to perform research on the mechanics behind the margins of a US-listed service group, which according to the operational and financial disclosures of the group, are significantly higher than those of its competitors.

As the group operates with an extensive franchising system, Grapevine started by conducting inquiries with personnel familiar with firsthand operational details to map out the group’s franchising agreement mechanisms and the flows of funds within. Similar research was then conducted with personnel affiliated with business segments that contributed to the budget end of the subject’s business operations. Related operational figures such as prices and revenues were also collected as reference points.

The findings of the research combined facts with figures, which proved to be significant reference that facilitated a better interpretation and evaluation of the subject’s financial disclosures.

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