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Bespoke Services

Grapevine conducts targeted research, mostly about emerging issues in the Asia Pacific region, through utilizing both experts based in China and local resources accordingly, to conduct interviews and analysis.

Grapevine also offers stakeholder mapping, regulatory and policy assessments, usually stemming from tightening industry regulations as well as strengthening enforcement of commercial bribery, tax, environmental and cybersecurity laws, with the objective to provide detailed analysis of the shifting operating landscape, outlining the motivations and intent of regulators and authorities at all levels, as well as recommendations on how best to manage regulatory challenges.

Furthermore, Grapevine is experienced in assisting clients prevent and manage crisis situations such as disputes with local partners, misunderstandings with authorities, and emergencies.

Case Examples:

- Research on business and security situation in north Myanmar and Indonesia, to support clients engaged in infrastructure projects in the region.

- Research on various special economic zones in Malaysia and Indonesia, focusing on local policies, regulatory landscape, profiling key stakeholders in the local government, and to assess security threats to potential investments etc.

- Oil and gas related research, to profile the investment environment, business opportunity, key stakeholders in the local government, and potential security threats etc.

- Monitoring North Korea related issues (e.g. impact of sanctions, mining related trades, movement of joint venture operations etc.)

- Research on education sector NGOS in the Philippines for a client looking to make donations.

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