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Business Intelligence

Grapevine gathers actionable business intelligence on private companies, listed firms, state-owned enterprises, conglomerates, including their principals or executives, and even on specific industries. We assess both the stabilities and vulnerabilities of subjects based on insights shared by knowledgeable sources as well as from our own intelligence-backed hypotheses.

Grapevine has been retained by a number of US-based financial institutions to conduct, on a regular basis, discreet business intelligence gathering on companies or industries our clients are interested in investing in.

- Fact checking on public companies’ performance, gathering infomation about actual production/sales on the ground and to assess reported infomation on public disclosures.

- Industry and market review, to assess impact of policies and its implementation on the ground etc., including Chinese policies and its implementation in China, as well as practices of Chinese entities towards to Chinese policies and policies imposed by other countries (e.g. anti-dumping).

Grapevine has done works on the following industries in recent years:

1. new energy and automobiles;

2. robots and artificial intelligence;

3. mining (steel, aluminum etc.);

4. semiconductor;

5. agriculture;

6. insurance;

7. real estate.

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