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Investigative Due Diligence

Grapevine conducts routine background, reputation, or compliance checks on potential partners, acquisition or merger targets, customers, vendors, or senior employees in Asia.

Standard Level 1 Due Diligence (DDL1)

Essentially the entry level Due Diligence, mostly for compliance-driven checks on vendors, customers, partners, agents, senior hires, etc., including M&A related background checks, Know-Your-Customer (“KYC”) check.

Case Examples:

- Background and reputational checks on PRC distributors for a global company;

- FCPA-related vendor vetting;

- Credentials verification/screening on immigration applicants i.e. PRC nationals applying for foreign citizenships;

- Pre-IPO red flag checks;

- Checks on buyers of high-value luxury articles, etc.

Level 2 Due Diligence (DDL2)

DDL2 is often built up based on DDL1 and other customized search items, it usually consists of in-depth checks on individuals/companies engaged in high-value transactions such as global M&A, high-profile equity investment etc.

The key objectives typically cover establishing and assessing 1) social/political connections; 2) financial capacity and stability; 3) general business reputation, including issues with past deals/partners; 4) corporate strategies; 5) red flags or potential risks in dealing with the subject.

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